Wish 1

Adon wished to visit New York City and has always wanted to see the big Christmas tree.
In December of 2013, his wish came true.

Adon, his younger sister and parents began their adventure in style by being chauffeured in
a black stretch limousine to their hotel in the heart of Times Square. Then, off they went to the
Disney Store where they were met by the store manager and given a tour of this flagship store
and a chance to spend some of his souvenir money.

The next morning, their agenda included the American Museum of Natural History more shopping
at the Toy R Us Store and a chance to see the most beautiful Christmas tree in all of New York.
Of course, his NYC experience had to include a Broadway show and the next day he and his family
were picked up in style by limousine and taken to the Minskoff Theater to see "The Lion King."
Window displays on Fifth Avenue, Dylan's Candy Store and all that Times Square has to offer,
were part of making this 6 year old boy's wish come true.

Adon, his sister, and his mom at the Christmas Tree

Wish 2

Cody wished to ride his BMX with his hero Garret Reynolds.

Arriving in San Diego, Cody and his family kicked off their Southern California experience by soaking up some sun at PetCo Park. Despite being dedicated Red Sox fans, they enjoyed a San Diego Padres win from their first base line seats, generously provided by the team. The baseball game was a fun outing for the sports-loving family and the perfect beginning to their exciting wish trip.

The next day, Cody woke up in his hotel room in a dream-like state with one thing on his mind – today was the day he was going to meet GARRET REYNOLDS! After changing into his biking gear, he and his family drove to Poway Skate Park, to meet his greatest inspiration and arguably one the best BMX riders in history! The moment had finally come – Garret and his crew rode up to a very excited and anxious Cody, who lit up with joy as he was introduced to his new BMX buddies.

After talking for a bit and getting to know each other, Cody and Garret were more than ready to do what they both love. Together, they got straight to grinding rails, bunny hopping and doing bar spins with Cody's family watching from the sidelines. Cody spent hours with Garret and his crew, learning new tricks at different riding spots in the area. After the skate park, the crew continued the fun at a school in Scripps Ranch, where they rode and played tetherball in the schoolyard. It was the perfect "guys" day for Cody and his new friends- by the end of it all

Cody and Garret Reynolds

Wish 3

Monica wished to go to New York and learn about being a tattoo artist.

Monica’s wish took her all the way from Oregon to the Big Apple! Going from a city of 10,000 to more than 8,000,000, Monica and her family hopping on a plane and arrived in New York City. They went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and enjoyed being tourists for a day. The real wish experience, though, happened at Body and Soul Tattoo in New Jersey, home of the Academy of Responsible Tattooing - also known as A.R.T. This is where Monica got to see how the pro's do it and was mentored for two days to learn the tricks of the trade to being a tattoo artist. One of her mentors, Moxie, was so touched by Monica and her story, that she got an M tattooed on her arm out of Monica's handwriting, so that she will always remember this special experience.

Monica standing in front of a Statue of Liberty performance artist in New York City

Wish 4

Olivia, 10
blood disorder
I wish to have a craft room

Olivia is a 10-year-old from Sheboygan Falls who is living with a life-threatening blood disorder. She enjoys reading, playing games and watching movies. Though, her favorite pastime is doing crafts. She loves to learn new crafts and spends hours creating. She wished to have a room makeover in her family's basement to create a craft room all her own.

Make-A-Wish Wisconsin worked with local contractors to create her new craft room, providing new custom cabinets and counter tops, new painting and flooring, dcor and accessories. Craft supplies were donated by individuals from all over the state along with a few donations from outside the state, via a social media request.

On her wish day, Olivia's volunteer wish granters hosted a special reveal celebration. It was a priceless moment when Olivia opened the door to her new craft room for the first time. She was elated and started looking at all of the different craft supplies right away. She is looking forward to doing crafts with her family and friend in her new craft room for a long time to come. This wish gave Olivia a very healthy dose of hope, strength and joy.

Olivia in her craft room